Seasonal & Sport

FastTag™. . . Trackx™

Seasonal & Sport - Trackx™, FastTag

Tailor made to reflect your property’s brand and track sporting equipment and other seasonal items as follows:

     Skis, ski poles  |  Snowboards  |  Helmets, boots and goggles  |  Mountain bikes and kayaks
     Snowmobiles  |  Hiking gear, backpacks  |  Coats, hats, bags and umbrellas

Our seasonal and sports tags and stickers identify these items with guest name and room number for quick storage and retrieval which saves time, increases guest satisfaction and minimizes liability.

Custom designed to meet the needs of your current tracking system. Available in several styles and formats –

Stickers:   Snow, ice and water resistant  |  With or without claim stub  |  Light adhesive for easy removal
                    No residue left on valuable equipment

Single bag tags and multiple bag tags:   Unlimited number of perforations on tags  |  String, cohesive and hang hole tag types

Consecutive numbering upon request  |  Offer unlimited disclaimer and liability options